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ICAP is a manufacturer of machines and system to ensure the processes automation






missions accomplished


  • Data Analysis
  • Business Design
  • Market Research
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Funnel Strategy
  • Branding&Storytelling


Identify market niches to achieve a leadership position: agriculture, garden, truck, caravan, trailer (where the tire mounting process is still a semi-automatic process). Give value and awareness to the brand for a new market positioning that can guarantee higher margins, with optimization of processes, and with a value proposition represented by services


  • Stakeholder map
  • Value proposition
  • Personas
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Price definition
  • Communication plan
  • Strategic Foresight
  • Market test
  • Brand Identity Prism


Market niches have been identified where the tire fitting process is still a semi-automatic process : agriculture, garden, truck, caravan, trailer. Later, It was structured distribution channels for sales and after sales in specific geographic areas. It was, then, defined the ICAP offer of engines able to meet specific needs in tire assembly, which as a whole compose automation system with the possibility of being customized to meet specific demands of the automotive market for after-sales activities and for customer care service and maintenance. Finally, We developed and defined the strategy for penetration of target markets through phigytal tactics for lead generation.


contacts reachedat the fair


Standard Lines of Machinery for the Truck & Agriculture Market defined


Standard Line of Machines for the Automotive Market defined

  • Discover opportunities
  • Aim for innovation
  • Model your strategy
  • Name and Design
  • Consulenza

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