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Value strategy

We implement strategies that generate long-term competitive advantage through:


Listening, understanding and knowing is the process that brings good strategy to life. We mix our analytical skills with experience to stimulate and concretize the entrepreneur's intuition. Knowledge of markets and of its inherent dynamics is a strategic element to reduce risks and optimize business opportunities. Only through a deep understanding of the market and competition can we define the weaknesses and opportunities of your business.

At this stage we carry out with you:

Business Analysis

We define with you your current value proposition

Market Analysis , competitors and stakeholders

We understand the need which your business must satisfy in your stakeholders in the main and complementary market in which you operate. We define your competitors and how you position yourself against them.

Trademark evaluation

We carry out trademark registration and perform its legal expertise

Defining Trend Scenarios & Market Research

We conduct market research to define what are the future market trends affecting your customers


The marketing plan is the process that aims to develop a competitive advantage and implement change

At this stage we define with you:


Defining the target audience, understanding the needs to be met to obtain their trust.

Products and Price

Enhancing through innovation processes the tangible and intangible factors that create uniqueness and bring value to products

Communication Plan

Implementation of necessary tactics to achieve the strategy

Distribution channels

Where and how to sell; the distribution channels and sales organizations needed to achieve the Minimum Sustainable Market.


Brand Awareness definition and development of projects based on Brand Identity Prism

03 innovazione

We are not innovators; our goal is to provide the right requirements for our clients to implement the right improvement processes. We have developed with the Politecnico of Milan a process to enable SMEs to develop and define a lasting competitive advantage.

At this stage we implement with you:

  • Redefinition of the business model

  • Value Proposition definition

  • Employee training on innovation

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